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I’ve developed this list to assist my clients when purchasing or selling real estate. I don’t warranty these providers or their work and I receive no compensation for passing along their information. You are encouraged to research various vendors by whatever means you deem necessary. Clients are free to use any vendor that they prefer. This list is simply a starting point and clients are free to search online or other trusted resources to obtain referrals.

If you are looking for repair providers and your home was built in 1978 or before, please check the EPA website to find vendors (, as special training is needed for certain work to be performed on your home. The providers listed below are not guaranteed to meet the criteria of the EPA.


Chimney Cleaning:

  • Bowens                                   540-379-4949


Countertop Refinishing:

  • ProRefinishing VA                   804-252-8708


Driveway Sealing:

  • Clark Affordable Paving         571-552-2141


Floor Refinishing:

  • Prospect Hardwood Flooring       703-791-2802 

  • Mr. Sandless                                   703-794-9663


General Repairs:

  • 9 Hammers                              540-308-8440

  • Nelu Timovan                          240-393-6192


Glass/Window Repair:

  • All Veterans Glass                    540-361-1640

  • Tommy Rosner                         540-226-1478


  • Doolittle Landscaping             540-379-5320

  • EV Garden & Landscaping      540-841-0766

  • MSB Outdoor Services            540-220-7115


Moving Companies:

  • J. Barber                                   540-847-3333

  • Zerbe Moving & Delivery        540-847-0626                    



  • Excellent Exteriors                   540-272-7254

  • New Again Restoration           866-440-7774


Radon Mitigation:


Septic Systems:


Structural Inspections:

  • AlexCom & Associates            540-371-3157

  • Freeland Engineering              540-898-3092


Tile & Grout Work/Carpet Cleaning:

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